Art Spiegelman


A richly illustrated book in which leading cultural critics, authors, and academics reflect on the radical achievement and innovation of Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece Maus

‘The most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust’ Wall Street Journal

It is hard to overstate Art. Spiegelman’s effect on postwar American culture. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author is one of our most influential contemporary artists, and his masterpiece Maus has shaped the fields of literature, history, and art.. Collecting responses to the work that confirm its unique and terrain-shifting status, Maus Now is a new collection of essays that sees writers such as Philip Pullman, Robert Storr, Ruth Franklin, and others approaching the complexity of Maus from a wide range of viewpoints and traditions.

Offering translations of important French, Hebrew, and German essays on Maus for the first time, this collection edited by American literary scholar Hillary Chute – an expert on comics and graphic narratives – assembles the world’s best writing on this classic work of graphic testimony.

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