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Gripping’ Economist | ‘Jaw-dropping’ Sunday Times | ‘Riveting’ Financial Times | ‘Fascinating’ Reuters

Shortlisted for the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award
Financial Times and Economist Book of the Year

Meet the billionaire traders who supply the world with oil, metal and food.

You’ve probably never heard of them.

They wield unimaginable political and economic power.

And, like it or not, you’re one of their customers.


‘Shows how much money and global influence is concentrated in the hands of a tiny group . . . Remarkable . . . As the authors roam from oilfield to wheatfield, they reveal information so staggering you almost gasp’ Sunday Times

‘A globe-spanning corporate thriller, full of intrigue and double dealing . . . Changes how we see the world, often in horrifying ways’ Spectator

‘A rich archive of ripping yarns . . . The high level narrative is gripping enough. But it is the details of what these freewheeling companies actually got up to that give the book a thriller-like quality’ Financial Times

‘Some of the stories could be straight out of John le Carré. The difference is they’re true’ Andrew Neil

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