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Destination Coffee offers travel inspiration for the best coffee destinations in the world. It showcases the world’s greatest coffee cities, from Portland to Trieste, Melbourne to Rome, and uncovers coffee-drinking histories from around the world. It will guide you to the best cafe enclaves and help you to choose what to drink when you get there.

Have you ever planned a trip with a friend and watched them sniff out the best cafes first, and the accommodation second? A caffeinated gourmand who loves to explore new scenes and try new flavours? Destination Coffee is the book for you, a coffee and travel lover. Beautifully illustrated by Manhattan-based artist Wenjia Tang, Destination Coffee is a gift book that percolates with information on coffee styles and equipment, and includes insights from baristas and cafe latte artists on coffee’s unshakeable place in popular culture, and why we’re so completely obsessed with this mystical brew.

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