Andy Jones


Astoundingly good. Brave, wickedly funny and profoundly affecting. Wow!’ Miranda Dickinson

‘A big-hearted, funny, hugely emotional and uplifting novel – I loved it!‘ Rachael Lucas

‘A moving story’ Bella

What readers have said about The Last Act of Adam Campbell:


‘Wickedly funny’

‘Filled with love and fun’

‘Jones is the master of pulling at your heartstrings’

You don’t need talent to join this group of actors. The ability to remember lines or stay awake throughout a performance is appreciated, but not essential. The only mandatory is a terminal diagnosis.

But Adam Campbell is less than enthusiastic about this eccentric form of group therapy. He has under one year to live, and a heck of lot to get done. Like explaining mortality to his six-year-old daughter. And making amends with the woman who should have been his wife.

The last thing Adam needs is a part in an amateur production of ‘Shakespeare’s Greatest Deaths’. But help and hope can be found where we least expect them. And perhaps camaraderie, and a shared purpose, will turn out to be the best medicine after all.

As Shakespeare, didn’t quite put it: Shuffling off this mortal coil is a drag; but it’s no reason to stop living.

The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club meets The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot, The Last Act of Adam Campbell is a warm, poignant and wise tale about love, friendship, and making the most of every minute of life that we’re granted.

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Oprawa: Miękka
Liczba stron: 355
Wydawca: Hodder
Rok wydania: 2021